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Beat the Bugs! 2018

Date: Saturday, June 16th, 2018  
Events: Kids Fun Run (~1km), 5km, 10km
Start Time: Kids - 10:00am; 5km/10km - 10:15am  
Location: Otway Nordic Centre, 8141 Otway Road  
Contact: Jason Laurie  
Registration: Online Here; Paper Here  
Bib pickup Morning of event @ 9:00am at Otway Nordic Centre, upper lodge  

The Beat the Bugs trail run is a 5 and 10 kilometre trail race at scenic Otway Nordic Centre, located a ten minute drive west of town. The event utilizes both cross-country ski and singletrack trails to take runners all over the Otway trail system. In addition, the course changes every year in order to keep the event fresh and exciting for the many new and returning runners.

As the course changes every year, the plan is to have the new course maps available by early to mid-May.

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Kids race (click images to enlarge):

Kids Route  Kids Elevation

The kids race is a free event for ages 3(ish) up to 12. For the lower age limit, it is up to the parents to decide if their child can handle running 1km of ski trail. Registration for the kids event will only happen on the day of the event upstairs and inside of the Caledonia Nordic Lodge.

Parents that wish to run with their child or children are fully welcome to do so. The adults event will not start until the kids event is complete.

2017 5 km course (click images to enlarge):

5km Route  5km Elevation

The 5km route is generally easier than the 10km course, in order to both accommodate beginner trail runners and runners that just want to run a faster trail run. With that said, this still is a trail race so it will be both slower and more difficult than your traditional 5km road race. The course itself has usually stayed on the lower trails, although due to the nature of trails there will be some hill climbing. 

2017 10 km course (click images to enlarge):

10km Route  10km Elevation

The 10km course is much more difficult than the 5km course. If you are a beginner runner, this course may not be for you. In the past, the 10km courses have taken runners to the top of Otway, sometimes quite directly with little respite until the top. Even then, most times the course will only come down part way before taking runners back up again, just for fun. But what comes up, must come down, and down some more! 

  • As per PGRR Club policy, both headphones and pets are not permitted on course during the event.
  • This is a trail race, so your running times will more than likely be slower than your road running times. If possible, run with a cell phone and/or another runner for safety.
  • The course should be well marked with white spray-chalk on the ground and bright yellow arrows. Follow them!
  • Many of these trails are narrow; if someone wants to pass you, please let him or her!
  • In the unlikely event that you take a wrong turn, backtrack until you find a course marker.
  • If you get injured on course, try and make it to the nearest course marshal.
  • Have fun!