Hurt’n Bear

5km (5.2km), 10km (10.88km) Hagen Half (22.2km)
Saturday, May 27, 2023
Pidherny Recreation Site
PGRR members free!
Race Directors Jules Ubdegrove & Denise Blanchette
Trail Race
8:40a Kids Race 9am 22.2k 9:15am 10k 9:30am 5k
Upper parking lot
5km - $20 10km - $25 Hagen Half - $35*
*portion of proceeds go to PGMBA for trail maintenance

Hunt-n-bearThe Race

The Hurt’n Bear Trail Race showcases some of the amazing routes that make up the extensive trail system at the Pidherny Recreation Site – a 620-hectare recreational gem nestled within city limits above North Nechako Drive.

The area is managed by the Prince George Cycling Club, through an agreement with Recreation Sites and Trails BC. The Road Runners are grateful to PGCC’s Mountain Bike Association for allowing us to host the Hurt’n Bear at Pidherny.

Our goal is to highlight the trails unique to the eskers and glacial kettles that have shaped this beautiful spot along the Nechako River.

For decades, this growing network of trails has been a labour of love for a few dedicated souls and has opened the area to mountain biking, walking, hiking, running, snowshoeing, and skiing.

The Hurt’n Bear’s Hagen Half is meant, in small part, to say thank you to two of those individuals – Dr. Barry and Thelma Hagen.  The Hagens are the literal ‘trailblazers’ behind some of the most beloved single track trails in Prince George.  From the alphabet trails at Otway (AC/DC thru to Mocha) to Easy Street, Park Avenue, Shady Lane, and the Tool Circuit (Chainsaw, Pulaski, and Screefer) at Pidherny, the Hagens have quietly dedicated countless hours to enriching the fabric of this community.  It’s a legacy that’s taken close to 30 years to painstakingly plot and carve; and one PGRR hopes to shine a light on by taking runners on some of the Hagens’ Pidherny routes.

Route Description
The Hurt’n Bear features what we’re calling 5km and 10km distances, but remember it’s trails!  The 5km distance is 5.2km and the 10 is actually closer to 11, at 10.88km – sorry, but it’s good for you!  The Hagen Half marathon is 22.2km.  The start and finish lines will be at the Upper Pidherny parking lot off Foothills Boulevard.

All runners will head into the trail network on the Ridge Trail – a wide, single-track route.

Route Details

 Route Difficulty Route   Length Elevation     Gain Surface
 Intermediate to advanced  (10km & Hagen Half) 5km,   10km,   22.2km see elevation maps below dirt/gravel

The 5.2km loop
The turnaround point will be at the 2.5km mark on the Ridge Trail, runners will head back towards the Zen bridge where they will head down the New Access Trail/Upper Papa Woods to return to the start/finish line in the upper parking lot.

The 10.88km loop
Runners will head out for 2.5km on the Ridge Trail, where they will be directed onto Northern Lights for a couple of climbs along the eskers ridgeline – the view is worth it!  Just shy of 5km, runners will hit Pidherny Forest Service Road for a 2km stretch before heading back into the trails via a climb up Honeyshuttle.  From there, runners return along the Ridge Trail to the Zen Bridge where they will be directed down the New Access Trail/Upper Papa Woods to the start/finish line in the upper parking lot.

The Hagen Half – 22.2km…because you don’t want to have to run to the end of the parking lot!
Runners will head out for 2.5km on the Ridge Trail, where they will be directed onto Northern Lights, down Sally Housecoat and through Lazy Susan.  Participants will exit Lazy Susan via the Kitchen Sink connector to Pidherny Forest Service Road 2, where they will turn southwest (right) for 325m before turning left onto Ridge Trail/Lookout Access, for a 600m run before heading down Ridge XC for a 400m stretch before heading back up Sidewinder to cross Pidherny FSR and head back into the trails via Flowjob, for the climb up Honeyshuttle.  Once at the top of Honeyshuttle, Hagen Halfers will run back to the Zen Bridge where they will head down New Access Trail/Upper Papa Woods to Valve Job and the start of the lower loop.  Racers will take Valve Job down to run a lower loop that includes some of the trails built by the Hagens.  That loop consists of a newly modified Screefer, Back Door, McLeod and Pulaski, before returning up Valve Job to the finish line. 

‘Bear’ Essentials for Race Day

  • the Hurt’n Bear Trail Race is a BC Athletics-sanctioned event, but will be manually timed by race officials
  • It is recommended that runners participating in the Hagen Half marathon carry cell phones.  All race participants must sign in and out at the registration table
  • this is a trail race in a wilderness setting – while bear spray is not mandatory, it is recommended
  • runners participating in the Hagen Half marathon must reach the trailhead for the lower loop (approx 12km) by 11:00am (2hrs).  (Any participant arriving after this time will not be allowed to complete the lower loop and must head out to the finish line – this time limit is in consideration of our volunteers and allows us to honour our User agreement with the Prince George Mountain Bike Association)
  • First Aid provided by members of the Canadian Ski Patrol
  • the race routes will be well marked with flagging stakes and tape, meaning that if you haven’t seen a flagging stake in 200-metres or so, it’s time to backtrack!
  • this is a public recreation area that will not be closed to others during the race, please be courteous to other trail users
  • parking in the upper lot is limited.  
  • PGRR reserves the right to alter the race or route in the event of poor trail or weather conditions – thanks for your understanding!
  • for more information, or to volunteer, please contact Race Directors Jules Ubdegrove and Denise Blanchette.

Important PGRR Information

  • PGRR members participate for free, but still need to register online to receive a bib number
  • Non-members can sign up online by clicking here
  •  a portion of the race proceeds will be going to the Prince George Moutain Bike Association to support trail maintenance efforts at the Pidherny Recreation Site
  • all PGRR races include a free Kids Race
  • Please leave your dog and headphones at home due to liability and safety issues

Route Maps

Click on maps for larger versions 

5km Route (5.2km)                                10km Route (10.88km)                           Hagen Half (22.2km)

HnB 5km Map                                HnB 10km route map                                                                


Elevation maps

HnB 5km elevation map

HnB 10km elevation map

Hagen Half Elevation map

The seeds for the Hurt’n Bear Trail Race were planted in the summer of 2017 when a group of friends started running at Pidherny, marvelling at the beauty, and talking about ways to respectfully ‘share’ our find with others.  We hope you enjoy this race!

Heartfelt thanks to our Title Sponsor, IRL Supplies Ltd., for the generous support that made the Hurt’n Bear a reality.  



Hurt’n Bear Title Sponsor