Masich Mile

summer fun at the track

Masich Mile

(1) Fun Milers, (2) 800 m Kids Run, (3) Fast Milers, (4) 4x400 Relay.
Wednesday, August 14, 2024
Masich Place Stadium
PGRR members free!
Race Director
Track event
First race: 6pm
2121 Massey Drive
Register In advance to save $5!

The Masich Mile took a one-year hiatus, but returned in 2018 to be the first public event on the newly refurbished track at Masich Place Stadium.   

PGRR’s August event is meant to draw entire families out for a bit of summer fun at the track. 

It features the tried-and-true way to test your mettle – by running a mile.  Yep, that’s four laps and nine metres around the track! 

And a relay race – nothing says ‘team-building experience’ like a 4x400metre race!!


PGRR Members: Free

Early Registration: 15$ 5KM

Day-of Registration: 20$ 5KM

All event fees need to be paid in person on the day of the event. Please bring cash.


Race Description:

The Mile

There will be two starts for the mile: one for those who feel they can ‘best’ a mile, the other for those who might take a little longer

4x400m relay

This is the fun one!  Put together a team of  four family members or friends, and run a lap before passing the baton…and then taking a much-needed breather on the centre field grass!

800m Kids Race

open to all kids (and parents)

Route Difficulty

Route LengthElevation GainSurface
Easy 1 Mile  track

Important Masich Mile Information

  • No running spikes allowed
  • To volunteer, or for more information, contact Race Director Michael Hess at

Important Race Information

  • PGRR members participate for free, but still need to register online or at the event to receive a bib number
  • Non-members can sign up online in advance to save 5$
  • The entry fee is non-refundable and non-transferable between participants
  • You can pre-fill this event waiver form at home and bring it with you
  • Please leave your dog and headphones at home due to liability and safety issues