Special Summer Group Runs!

Posted onJune 6, 2024


We have some special summer group runs coming your way.

☕️ Coffee Runs:

When: June 2, July 7 & August 4 @ 9am
Where: Ritual Coffeeworks
What: 5km led group run

These 5km group runs are an out and back route, perfect for leading many paces of runners and easy to modify shorter if needed.


🍺 Beer Runs (only 19+):

When: June 5, July 3 & August 7 @ 6pm
Where: Crossroads Brewing, downtown
What: 5km & 8km led group run

These group runs are in place of our regularly scheduled Wednesday night group run. The 5km route is also an out and back route, perfect for modifying, and there are 2 different paced 8km group to choose from.

🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ All paces of runners fit!


*Coffee and beer not provided by the club, and please drink responsibility*

If you are not a PGRR member yet, please feel free to come out and give these group runs a try before getting a membership.

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