The Races Behind the VFRS

Posted onMay 21, 2021

Behind every fun run, there’s a race just waiting to come back!

In 2019, the Prince George Road Runners hosted 10 road and trail races between March and October, including two new offerings: the Hurt’n Bear Trail Race and the Centennial Relay Race.

It was a record-breaking year for the club in terms of memberships and race turn-out.  We had high hopes for 2020, before the pandemic forced the cancellation of our season. 

We’re thrilled so many of you have joined us for this year’s Virtual Fun Run Series.

The eight Fun Run Challenge Weeks have been scheduled to roughly coincide with when our races would normally be held.  The distances we’re challenging you to run for the virtual events are the distances you’ll be able to sign up for when our races return.

It’s up to you whether your run 5km, 10km, or 21.1km in our upcoming challenge…

The 2019 Hurt’n Bear Trail Race featured a 5km distance, 10km distance and the Hagen Half Marathon on the trails at Pidherny.

The race was meant to highlight the trails unique to the eskers and glacial kettles that have shaped this beautiful spot along the Nechako River. 

The Hagen Half was meant, in small part, to say thank you Dr Barry and Thelma Hagen.  The Hagens are the literal ‘trailblazers’ behind some of the most beloved single track trails in Prince George, at Otway and Pidherny.  They continue to quietly dedicate countless hours to enriching the fabric of our community.  It’s a legacy that’s taken close to 30-years to painstakingly plot and carve and one PGRR wanted to shine a light on by taking runners on some of the Hagens’ Pidherny routes.

Hurt’n Bear Trail Race 2019