2019 Recipients

2019 Sally Rowe Recipients

2019 Sally Rowe Recipients, Thelma and Barry Hagen

Congratulations to our 2019 Sally Rowe Recipients, Thelma and Dr Barry Hagen…

The Hagens are the literal ‘trailblazers’ behind some of the most beloved single track trails winding through the natural spaces in our city.

From the alphabet trails at Otway (AC/DC through to Mocha) to the newly-opened Park Avenue, Shady Lane and Tool Circuit (Chainsaw, Pulaski, and Screefer) at Pidherny, the Hagens have quietly dedicated countless hours to enriching the fabric of this community.

It’s a legacy that’s taken more than 25-years to painstakingly plot and carve…and one the Prince George Road Runners attempt to shine a light on as we encourage runners to venture onto these beautiful trails. 

The Hurt’n Bear Trail Race’s Hagen Half marathon at Pidherny is meant, in small part, to say thank to the Hagens for the gift their labour of love has given us all.