One Final Fun Run

Posted onOctober 26, 2021

A Huge THANK YOU to the participants in our 2021 Virtual Fun Run Series…

The series has truly been all that we had hoped, and more!  It’s provided so many opportunities to connect and cheer each other on over the course of the past six months.  

We’ve been so inspired by the accomplishments you’ve shared with us on Facebook, in emails, and in person.  Your enthusiasm made us grateful we decided to venture into virtual territory!

With that said, we do want to apologize – we failed to send out the email reminders one week before each of the final two events.  No excuses.  We fell down and we’re sorry.  To make amends, we’d like to give those of you who missed it, the opportunity to earn two more entries into the grand prize draw…

You have the following week to complete distances of your choosing for the Centennial Relay and the Joe Kelly Memorial Run.  (This is also an opportunity for those who may have missed other events to make them up.  In total, each participant can have 9 entries into the grand prize draw – eight for completed events and one for joining the Road Runners’ group on Strava.) 

The Event:  the VFRS ‘Last Call’ Run for Fun

When:  12am midnight, Thursday, October 28th to 11:59pm Wednesday, November 3rd

Distance:  Your Choice!  That’s right – it can be a 5km sprint before the snow flies, or a 1km kick of the leaves with your dog!!

Where:  a route of your choice

Background:  As mentioned above, we’re grateful to all of you for joining us over the course of this series.  We want to make sure you’re happy campers heading into winter.

Submitting Your Results:

Email your results to:

Please include:

Your First and Last Name:

Email address:

Contact Phone Number:

Event Name:  VFRS ‘Last Call’ Run for Fun

Distance Completed:


For those who have completed all eight events, please feel free to join us for ‘Last Call’, too.  Consider it extra incentive to get out for a run!

We’d like to thank all of you for your understanding as we attempt to ‘right’ our wrong.

The grand prize draw for the 2021 Virtual Fun Run Series will be held on Friday, November 5th – winners will be announced via Facebook and Instagram and will be contacted by email.  And then it’s time to collect your swag!

T-shirt and Finisher’s medal pick-up (for local participants):

When:  Saturday, November 6th, 2021 from 10am until 2pm

Where:  Stride & Glide parking lot, 1671 15th Avenue

S&G has graciously agreed to hold onto the medals and t-shirts until the end of November, for anyone who can’t make it there on Saturday.  You can stop by at any point until the end of the month.  After that, please contact us at to arrange for pick-up.

For those of you who arranged to have your t-shirt and medals shipped, we will have them in the mail the following week!

The board of the Prince George Road Runners would like you all to know that you’ve made this event really special for us.  And we look forward to the chance to meet more of you face-to-face next season.